Los Angeles Majestic. Inc. Majestic, Inc. (Tokyo Japan)


525 East Seaside Way, Suite 406
Long Beach CA 90802
Phone: 310-801-6548


March 2005


US$ 20,000.


2-15-1 Shinagawa Intercity A-28F
Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-6028
Tel +81-3-5762-7156


August 1998



Board Members

CEO Koji Funakoshi
CFO Shiro Toba
CAO Yuko Funakoshi
Auditor Masayoshi Yagiu


  1. Plan, develop and operate intranet and extranet websites, especially systems that unifying information within databases.
  2. Create and manage marketing strategies for internet Media that is necessary for
    EC businesses.

CEO's Profile

Koji Funakoshi

1966   Born in Tokyo, Japan
1989   Graduated Keio University Law department
1989   Joined Bridgestone Corporation Overseas dept. Africa section
Traveled down through Africa
1991   Transfered to AXIS inc., a design company and subsidiary of Bridgestone
Worked as a planner, technitian and designer
1996   Made a website first time
1997   Published "How to introduce the Internet and Intranet"
1998   Established Majestic, Inc.(Japan)
2003   Went to University of Southern California to study business management
2005   Established Los Angeles Majestic, Inc.