You can use the #1 selling easy-to-use database software, FileMaker Pro as an admin tool, MySQL database server as a main database, Apache as www server and PHP as web page script. This combination is the most effective system because it put the right software in the right place.

Superfast pagemaking.

In just a few steps, you can add photoes and text to your website. It's faster than using wordprocessor.

Unlike another website management tools, Go-Zen CMS has a great technical superiority.


If you want to add pictures on the page, you need just choosing it from the window or paste in the image field of the Image Uploader. You don't need to resize nor FTP to upload. If you are using an web hosting service, you can upload HTML/PHP files from your LAN by using the HTML Uploader instead of FTP.


Go-Zen CMS simulates the web page with Help Layers, so you can understand how to use at once.
Also, it has a lot of administration layouts like List View or Detail View and Shortcut buttons.


Go-Zen CMS has a powerful database function. Not only publishing on the web, but also you can create daily project lists and save as Excel file, PDF file includes weekly sales reports or print materials such as monthly newsletters. It is easy to send emails through your customer list with this.